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  1. show (shō) v. showed, shown (shōn) or showed, show·ing, shows vergrecreconcupulnacucemmoticip.xyzinfo 1. a. To cause or allow to be seen; display: showed us his tattoo. b. To display for sale, in exhibition, or in competition: showed her most recent paintings. c. To permit access to (a house, for example) when offering for sale or rent. 2. To conduct; guide: showed them to the table.
  2. Show definition is - to cause or permit to be seen: exhibit. How to use show in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of show.
  3. Jun 09,  · (transitive) To display, to have somebody see (something). The car's dull finish showed years of neglect. All he had to show for four years of attendance at college was a framed piece of paper. , W. B. Maxwell, chapter 22, in The Mirror and the Lamp: Not unnaturally, “Auntie” took this communication in bad part. Thus outraged, she showed herself.
  4. Mar 27,  · Watch the full “Show Yourself” sequence from Disney’s “Frozen 2” featuring the original song performed by Idina Menzel (voice of Elsa) and Evan Rachel Wood (voice of Queen Iduna.
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  7. Howard Stern. Official site features news, show personalities, hot topics and image archive from The Howard Stern Show.
  8. Browse "Popular" to find your favorite show in the NBCUniversal family of networks on vergrecreconcupulnacucemmoticip.xyzinfo!

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