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  1. KNCT tv station to sign off Aug. 31 By Matt Payne Herald staff writer The board voted not to move the public television station to another channel in February as required by the Federal.
  2. Up through the late s, the FCC required that radio and television stations have a human operator on duty to run the transmitter and maintain a log of its operations. For commercial stations, this meant that they had to pay somebody to do this.
  3. “That is when KJEP will sign off the air,” Aylett said. “It is going to be a sad day, but sad as it may seem, technology means change, and change means progress.” The KJEP board decided earlier in the year to stop broadcasting Sept. 15, the day when the Federal Communications Commission will require stations to switch to digital broadcasts.
  4. May 23,  · Ariel's Sign-Off, Jane's Sign-On: An Interview between Station Managers May 23, in Features. by Jane Elysium. the former Station Manager and a former Music Director played a bunch of the punk and post-hardcore records on-air together towards the end of their senior year. I always wanted to try it myself. I spent nearly every day of.
  5. A sign-off is the end of operations for a radio or television station, generally at the end of each day. Cartoon Network signs off at 8 or 9pm every night.. There .
  6. Is the area around the station clear of obstructions? Is there a bucket located under the eyewash to collect runoff? Are there any leaks? To repair the unit, contact the Physical Plant Service Desk at: , or submit an Online Work Order Request. Contact EH&S .

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