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  1. Melody is the home of artistically driven, ambient compositions that help you sleep. Music on this channel always focuses on one of six main purposes of sleep music - Satisfaction, Concentration, Relaxation, Comfort, Distraction, Focus and Mindfulness.
  2. me·lod·ic (mə-lŏd′ĭk) adj. Of, relating to, or containing melody. me·lod′i·cal·ly adv. melodic (mɪˈlɒdɪk) adj 1. (Music, other) of or relating to melody 2. (Music, other) of or relating to a part in a piece of music 3. (Music, other) tuneful or melodious meˈlodically adv me•lod•ic (məˈlɒd ɪk) adj. 1. melodious. 2. of or.
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  4. Synonyms for melody at vergrecreconcupulnacucemmoticip.xyzinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for melody.
  5. Melody FM is a Chinese community based radio broadcaster that is live all day long. It is situated in Penang. Melody FM is widely capable of not only providing quality standard radio programs but also one of the mainstream radio channels that provides quality enriched entertainment programs.
  6. Jul 02,  · A melody is a collection of musical tones that are grouped together as a single entity. Most compositions consist of multiple melodies working in conjunction with one another. In a rock band, the vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and bassist are all playing melodies on their respective instruments. Even the drummer is playing one.
  7. Melody definition is - a sweet or agreeable succession or arrangement of sounds. How to use melody in a sentence.
  8. Melody is a year-old tomboyish princess of average height and build for her age. She has straight/slightly wavy black hair, often tied back with a green hairtie in a ponytail, and blue eyes. Melody seems to have inherited a fairly even blend of traits from her parents.
  9. Two ten-year-olds (Mark Lester, Tracy Hyde) meet at school, become fast friends and decide to marry soon after. However, they face the wrath of both their parents and an old friend (Jack Wild).5/5(2).

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